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Do you plan to shut down this community area after you've completed the development project?

No. If you have your location bar on, notice that you are actually at readerboards.ORG (not "com"). The ORG extension has been purchased along with the COM extension. When its time to promote the readerboard system commercially, the COM extension can serve that purpose while the community that helped to produce it can continue on without interruption. Because you are already at the ORG extension, all your bookmarks should work fine too. That is the plan.

Is this a commercial site?

No. Keep reading.

Do you plan to charge for participation in this community?

No. There is no plan --short term or long term-- to charge a subscription price for this service.

Do you plan to put up lots of ad banners around the site?

Well, we started out with a policy of no banner ads at all but this has proven to be a bad idea. Site promotion without banner ads is an uphill battle, so starting in September of 2002, we will begin doing banner exchanges. There will not be any pop-unders or overs, just clickable banners on the tops of selected pages within the site.

As always, the agenda here is not to try and make this site profitable on it's own merit. There is no plan at all to make this site support itself through the exploitation of our member base. Even if that weren't proven to be a bad business model, it's simply not our purpose.

What's the answer to "life, the universe, and everything"?


I'm concerned about how you use the information I provide. Do you have a published privacy policy?

Yes. Click here for our Privacy Statement. You will also find a link to it and other policies and notices in the "Site" area under "Policies". In short it says that we will not trade, sell, share, or otherwise disclose your information to anyone without first getting your permission. Here's a single word for it: RESPECT.

Can I bookmark pages inside the site, or do I have to sign in through the homepage first?

You can bookmark and go directly to any page on this site. If the page is part of the members-only area, you will be asked for your user-name and password the first time you go there. You will not be asked again for your user-name and password after that as long as you don't shut down your browser.

What does the title "USP" mean on the press linker page?

USP is an acronym that stands for "Unique Selling Points".

Is the little "stick person" smoking a pipe?

No, that's supposed to be a stylized headset. S/he's an agent from a call center... sort of. As you can see, I'm not much of a graphic artist.

How do I get rid of text I've previously put in a comment field?

Enter a new comment comprised of a single space. This will write over the comment that is there. Sometimes questions are asked without the comment field. Rather than erase a comment you entered earlier when you change your answer in this way, it will consider "no comment" to mean "no need to change the comment".

What exactly is "Who-Is"?

Who-Is is an Internet application that lets you see the contacts, servers, and IP addresses behind a domain name.

We provide a link to the Who-Is utility at Network Solutions. They are a domain name registry (we bought from them). They provide the Who-Is utility as a free service on the net.

When you go there, type "" into the input field. You will see that it is owned and managed by John Repici.

I saw a cool cat in October that chases the mouse pointer around the screen. How do I get that script for display on my own page?

That script, called "Mouse and Cat" is available from Creativyst, Inc. They sell licenses for $7.00 for each page you display it on (quantity discounts are available).

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