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Adding Our Scroller To Your Site

The Basic Code

You may choose to deploy our easy-to-use HTML compatible news scroller or alternatively, a more advance RSS compliant XML version of the same scroller. Most should opt for the HTML version (discussed next).

The HTML compatible scroller is a simple JavaScript that can easily be added to your site. In the simplest terms this is all you need to display the scroller:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/JavaScript"

When you place this in the body of your web-page it will be replaced with the HTML code to display the headlines of the seven most recent News In Queue™ stories. The scroller will display as an un-ordered list. You may enclose it within table cells and FONT tags in order to customize it to the format and look of your own web site.

Improved Formatting Examples

Here's an example of how you might embed the scroller in a table to improve formatting and readability.

        <TABLE WIDTH="90%"><TR><TD>
        <FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="1">
        <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/JavaScript"

Here's what that actually looks like on a page:

Advanced: Our RSS formatted Scroller

We provide an XML (RSS) interface to our scroller as an alternative to the standard D/HTML interface.

Note: The following information is for advanced web designers and assumes you have considerable understanding of XML and RSS usage.

You may access our news scroller as an RSS (Rich Site Summary) formatted XML document at the following location.

RSS is a standard XML document type for defining simple services such as news scrollers in a standard and consistent way. We include this RSS compliant access document into our news scroller service for those who'd prefer to use RSS.


Anyone, may use our scroller and display it on their page. with the exception of a small number people who engage in un-ethical activities.

To put it plainly, we hereby grant you permission to use our News In Queue™ scroller and display it on your web page(s) freely UNLESS you or your organization have ever...

  1. trafficked in, promoted, or financed traffic in slavery,
  2. trafficked in or financed traffic in major illicit drug sales (more than 2 kilograms per transaction),
  3. used a list service to send email solicitations to members, or
  4. been convicted of any terrorist activities.
People and organizations who have participated in any of these four activities are expressly forbidden from using this Intellectual Property.

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