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25-Apr-2004 Pending patent 20040037317 - Multimedia communications over power lines
A method for communication includes establishing a data link between first and second transceivers (32,34) over an electric power line (24). A sequence of data packets is received for transmission over the data link, the sequence belonging to a session of a connectionless real-time network protocol. Responsive to a first packet in the sequence, a reliable connection channel for the session is established over the data link between the first and second transceivers. The packets in the sequence are transmitted from the first to the second transceiver over the reliable connection channel.
22-Apr-2004 AT&T Response To FCC Ruling On The Phone-To-Phone VoIP Petition
Background: Today the FCC issued its decision on AT&T's petition asking the agency to clarify the rules on phone-to-phone VoIP. The following statement may be attributed to Jim Cicconi, AT&T general counsel.
21-Apr-2004 P-Com Launches New Spread Spectrum Technology for Corporations and Carriers
New AirPro Gold Product Lowers Costs, Increases Network Flexibility
19-Apr-2004 AT&T Launches Cutting-Edge Internet-Based Calling Service in the Golden State
Coast-to-Coast Rollout Continues With Expansion to 11 Markets Including New York City, Long Island, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Introductory Promotion Offers Unlimited Calling and Advanced Features At 50 Percent Off Regular Price of $39.99 Per Month
16-Apr-2004 Patent 6,724,764 - Method and apparatus for providing estimated response-wait-time displays for data network-based inquiries to a communication center
An Estimated Wait Time (EWT) service for a Web page provider has an internet-connected facility for monitoring communication status with a communication center having communication equipment hosting agents of the web page provider, and an interactive link in a web page hosted by the Web page provider. The interactive link is presented to a user accessing the Web page, and when selected, connects the user to the facility for monitoring communication status. In a preferred embodiment the facility provides a Web page display for the user, displaying parameters regarding the communication status, such as estimated wait time (EWT). In some cases there are options in a user interface for placing an Internet Phone (IP) call, for sending a message, and e-mail, and so forth, or for requesting a call back. In the case of a call back the user may, in some embodiments, provide alternative numbers or addresses and times for call back.
13-Apr-2004 Pedestal Network's UBS Release 2 Delivers 3 Mbps Line-Powered ADSL With QoS
Field-Proven Line-Powered DSLAM From Pedestal Networks Doubles Bandwidth Available for Long-Reach Applications Over Copper
13-Apr-2004 MGE UPS SYSTEMS Introduces Industry's First Fuel Cell Powered Online UPS for Mission-Critical Applications Requiring Long Duration Backup Power
New Pulsar EX RT is MGE's Second Generation UPS System to Incorporate Ballard Power Systems' Nexa(R) RM Series Fuel Cell Modules
12-Apr-2004 America Online, Inc. and FaceTime Announce Certified AIM® Partner Agreement
Certification Provides for Expanded Cooperation between America Online and FaceTime, Ensuring More Secure Management of AOL® Instant Messenger™ Service within Enterprises
10-Apr-2004 Pending patent 20040028211 - Method and apparatus for determining a real time average speed of answer in an automatic call distribution system
A method is provided for automatically updating a "Real Time" Average Speed of Answer, RASA, for a number of calls received by an automatic call distributor, ACD, during a set interval. This "real time" average speed of answer may be determined across a sliding time window via moving averages and exponential smoothing. The method includes the steps of computing a current average Speed of Answer, SA, for the number of calls received by the ACD during the set time interval, by dividing total waiting time to answer for these calls by the number of calls and scaling the current SA by a weight factor W. The real time average speed of answer, RASA, is updated by scaling a previous RASA by the unity complement of W, i.e. (1-W), and augmenting it by the scaled current SA.
07-Apr-2004 New Jersey School District Learns 'New Math': Adding VoIP, Subtracting Centrex Equals Big Savings
... yearly savings from eliminating more than 500 lines of Centrex to pay for the cost of the new phone system in a very short time
03-Apr-2004 Patent 6,697,457 - Voice messaging system that organizes voice messages based on detected emotion
A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for managing voice messages based on emotion characteristics of the voice messages. First, a plurality of voice messages that are transferred over a telecommunication network are received. Thereafter, such voice messages are stored on a storage medium. An emotion associated with voice signals of the voice messages is then determined. The voice messages are organized based on the determined emotion. Access to the organized voice messages is then permitted.
01-Apr-2004 Pending patent: 20040010412 - Method and apparatus for reducing data traffic in a voice XML application distribution system through cache optimization
. . . the optimizers determine which files should be cached at which end-system facilities, tag the files accordingly, and prepare those files for distribution to selected end-system cache facilities for local retrieval during consumer interaction with the deployed application.
25-Mar-2004 Ikanos Demonstrates 100 Mbps over Copper at the FastNet Futures Conference
Ikanos Fx(TM) Technology Breaks Performance Barriers To Make Fiber-Speed Services Available to Every Home
New Weekly Email Service Makes It Easy to Follow Voice-Over-IP Market
23-Mar-2004 SBC Communications Launches Network-Based VPN Service
Hosted VPN Solution Lowers Costs and Raises Efficiency for Businesses; Brings Reality of Network Convergence into Reach
23-Mar-2004 Envox Worldwide Delivers on Commitment to SALT at VSLive!
Launches Prepackaged SALT-based Applications and Related Professional Services for Enterprise Customers and Service Providers
17-Mar-2004 Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Revenues to Dominate the Broadband Service Sector, Generating $26bn by 2009
A new report from industry analysts, Juniper Research, finds that the VoIP market will become the key revenue generator for broadband service providers by 2009
04-Mar-2004 Pending Patent 20040008839 - Headset cable retainer
A retainer that is attachable to a set of interfacing cables prevents physical separation of the cables while allowing electrical disconnection of the cables. The retainer uses a body member with a hinged end cap on each end. The end caps include a snap pin and the ends of the body include receiving voids for the snap pins. The end caps can be locked into place by rotating around the hinged attachment until the snap pins engage the receiving voids. Either one or both of the end cap and elongated body have notches that form restraining voids when the end caps are locked in place.
01-Mar-2004 Power over Ethernet Continues to Drive Adoption of Voice over IP
PowerDsine Marks Milestone With PoE Certification of 25th IP Phone Vendor

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